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Experienced Organic and Medicinal Chemist


Turaround time: three calendar days from submission of manuscript

(A manuscript submitted Fri will be returned on Mon at the latest, and most edits are returned the next day.)


PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from Harvard

Postdoctoral fellowship in Chemical Biology/Technology from Harvard

15 years in Medicinal Chemistry at Novartis

Scientific areas: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Drug Discovery

Editing scientific manuscripts since 2018



Editing to correct:
• spelling

• punctuation
• grammar
• word choice
• terminology
• conjugation
• parallel structure
• tense
• unnatural sounding phrasing

Premium services I offer as standard:
• editing awkward or wordy sentences
• editing flow and transitions
• editing for consistent style

I offer multiple rounds of re-editing of the same manuscript at no extra charge.

I encourage authors to include schemes and figures. Even though editing these is not part of the standard service, if I see things like typos or compound numbering errors, I will flag them. Also, having these allows me to do the best job possible when editing the text.

If you ask for an official editing certificate, I will supply one.


MORE . . .

All edits are done by me, not subcontracted out. Your edited document will sound professional and conform to your choice of American or British English.

To receive a quote for any of the following, please indicate what additional services you would like when submitting your manuscript.

• Formatting, e.g. to conform to a selected style sheet

• Word count reduction

• Editing for content

• Editing figures and schemes

• Reference editing, verification, or formatting


500 – 1,500$250
1,500 – 3,000$300
3,000 – 4,000$350
4,000 – 5,000$400
5,000 – 6,000$450
> 6,000Request quote